Wine tastings


After Work

Come by spontaneously for a glass or three, but if you’re part of a larger group we recommend you to book your After Work table in advance. For 200 sek/person you’ll get a glass of cava, white or red wine, or a beer per person, and  a anti pasto plate with assorted cold cuts, almonds and tasty olives. For reservations and/or other inquiries, please contact us on: If you want something else at your table please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Opening hours

Vinköket & Le Rouge are closed for the spring and summer. Please visit our sister restaurant Österlånggatan 17, which you will find around the corner.


”You’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties” sang the english singer/songwriter Jona Lewie in her hit from 1980, and pinpointed something everyone has always known: That in the house party it’s always the most fun in the kitchen.

At Vinköket we fuse the kitchen/house party vibe with our extensive knowledge of wine to create a buzzing oasis in-between our two restaurants dining areas. The menu is filled with our most beloved memories from the Mediterranean and our own Swedish cousin. Grab any of our medium sized dishes such as roasted bone marrow, cured reindeer, a creamy linguini with truffle, or perhaps just a few oysters or a piece of aged cheese. Have a glass of wine on the way to or from, or have a few bottles all night long.

In our wine collection you can find both rich classics as well as young and ripe ecological wines. With a close collaboration with some of the worlds most seminal wineries - from Slovakia to Jura in France - we invite everyone to a journey of flavors.

Not because wine is a science, but because it’s tasty! And because we know that everyone can appreciate a good wine.